The kitchen is the heart of every home.  A kitchen remodel is the biggest and most important project a homeowner can do.  At Santa’s Kitchen & Home we can help to make this stress free project!  From designing, construction, installation of new cabinetry, to the floors and back splash, our remodeling team will bring your kitchen back to life!


Have you been searching for that perfect piece of furniture? At Santa’s Kitchen & Home, we are not just all about custom cabinetry, we can create and build that piece of furniture that you have been thinking about. We will create for you a piece that is unique and perfect for your taste and needs. All you need to do is bring us your idea and let us do the work using the same skilled craftsmanship that goes into our custom cabinets.

Custom Areas

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The Home

We do not want to forget about all the other wonderful spaces in your home that we can make beautiful! Whether it be a luxurious Library, functional Laundry Room, stunning Wine Room, welcoming Bar, simple Mud Room, etc., we can provide custom cabinetry for every room in your home. We can also provide your home with custom furniture that we create in our woodshop. We will give each room the same attention to detail and design that we pride ourselves on.


Who doesn’t want to begin and end their day in the luxurious surroundings of their own private space?
We can design this space to be tailored to suit your own special needs and storage requirements. Whether a “spa” like space or a more traditional space, every cabinet we make will be made, especially for you.


Santa’s Kitchen & Home is unique in that when we say custom we mean it. We have a woodshop where the cabinets are designed, built, painted or stained, and delivered by our team. We are hands on with each project and take great pride in our craftsmanship. We will work directly with you in designing, choosing the material used, the color or stain to be used, to the knobs and handles. Once completed and installed, you will take great satisfaction knowing they were built and customized just for you.


Regardless of the scope of the project, each design is tailored just for the you. Explore the endless possibilities we can create for your kitchen. We approach each project with a foundation of strong design aesthetics, functionality, and our commitment to our craftsmanship. No matter if you are building a new home or wanting to remodel your existing kitchen, we simplify this process with our “one stop shopping”. We will handle everything from designing your dream kitchen, helping to choose the right materials and colors, building the cabinetry, to the planning and construction of your kitchen renovation. Since the kitchen is the “heart” of any home, where the family spends most of its time and uses it to entertain, we want it to fit your lifestyle as well as giving it that “Amazing” factor as your guests enter.